What is the purpose of GDPR? The GDPR is a set of EU laws set to provide a set of Standardised data protection laws across all countries. The intent is to make it easier for EU Citizens to understand how their personal data is being used. GDPR applies to all organizations holding and processing EU resident's personal data, regardless of geographic location. Consent under the law: When it comes to processing CONSUMER data, all companies are required to secure consent from the CONSUMER whose data they want to use and/or share. Every request for PERSONAL data must be clear in the following: What data is requested Why the data is needed How the data will be used Reasons why a business wants the data Parental consent for minors CONSUMERS can have their data removed if they change their mind A real choice to hand over their personal data or not A simple clear way to consent We don't do any of these, we only have Business data...not personal. Nowhere in the law does it reference data on businesses, which is all we do. GDPR is a privacy law for PERSONAL data only.